Vehicle data sheet





Manufacturer: ,

Type: Bridge Weight: 6.2 t
Produced: 1969 Size: Length 20 m, Height 1 m
Number built: 500 Engine: , 0 HP
Crew: 0 Speed: 0 km/h


Load-carrying capacity, t 60
Time for building six-span bridge crossing, min 55
Speed of the move on the bridge, km/h 30
Design set of bridge members (bays), pcs 17- 102
Road range, km 1100
Maximum speed:, km/h 70
Crew : 2


The mobile bridge building system is designed to provide bridge crossing of heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles. It can be used during military, disaster relief, and humanitarian operations, as well as in oil, gas, and mining industry to provide the access to remote areas with harsh terrain. The system comprises a bridge layer mounted on the undercarriage of wheeled prime mover and bridge elements (bays) with intermediate supports. 

Depending on number of bridge bays placed in series, the length of the bridge crossing will vary from 17 to 100 meters and more. Bridge members are transported both by bridge layer and by special transport vehicle.