Vehicle data sheet




Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Tracked engineering Weight: 4 t
Produced: 0 Size: Length 7.043 m m, Height 3 m
Number built: Engine: Diesel, 0 HP
Crew: 3 Speed: 35 km/h


The MDK-2M is based on the AT-T (Russian: Артиллерийский Тягач, Тяжёлый (АТ-Т), meaning heavy artillery tractor) was a Soviet Cold War era artillery tractor. The AT-T itself is based on the Chassis and drive system from theT-54 Tank.However, the tub has been rotated through 180 °. Engine, clutch, gearbox, steering gear and the drive wheels are in the front of the vehicle. The crew cabin is also located in the front part of the vehicle. The cab is from the ZIS-15 and ZIL-164 truck.

The MDK-2M were used for rapid digging of large coverages and for drawing tank trenches (digging depth up to 4.7 m width and grave 3.5 - 4m). The stored for shifts on the vehicle rear tiller is lowered for the milling hydraulically to the rear.

It was in service in the Soviet Army, the Russian army, the East German Army and the Hungarian army.