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Kabina K66 locator  

Kabina K66 locator


Manufacturer: , East Germany

East Germany
Type: Radars Weight: 0 t
Produced: 0 Size: Length m, Height 0 m
Number built: Engine: , 0 HP
Crew: 0 Speed: 0 km/h


Designed for air surveillance applications in the presence of `heavy' countermeasures pollution, the Kabina-66 and Kabina-66M radars comprise: a rotary antenna assembly carried on two trailers designated as 19D-1 and 19D-2 respectively a trailer-mounted (designated as 19T) engineering post two `modulation' equipment trailers (designated as MP-1/ML-1 and MP-2/ML-2 respectively) an `indication' equipment trailer (designated as Trailer 1) or multiple VP-87M remote plan position indicator stations two to four PRV-13M/PRV-17-2 height-finding radars two ground-based `radio interrogators' an RL-30-1M radio broadcast line a spare parts and `measuring equipment' trailer (designated as Trailer Z) an 8T210 crane mounted on a URAL-375D truck chassis a fully redundant 5E46/5S85 power generation subsystem comprising one 5E97 (two in the Kabina-66M variant), one 5E42 and three ESD-200T/200/4-400 diesel generators; a 5155/TsRP-P main distribution station and one 5P28 and one PPS-P converter units.