Military park Budaörs



Unforgattable experience

Live Action Military Park in Budaörs, 5 kilometers from Budapest.
You can see all of our vehicles in action! We regularly organize events where where everyone can participate and even try out anything you lay your eyes on.

In our park the kids and the adults can feel free to climb, sit, experience or imagine how it feels like to serve on our tanks, trucks or on our armored troopers. Upon request, the exhibition can be accompanied by our veteran guide, who knows the backgrounds, capabilities, specialties of our inventory.  If requested anyone can drive tracked or eight wheeled troopers. You can browse our inventory on the site under vehicle menu.

Our military park is situated in Budaörs where you can find our unique collection of transport and combat vehicles used by the formal Hungarian National Army. It’s incomparable to other parks, because nowhere else can you see vehicles in such great and complete condition than here. We are different because here the regular museum rules don’t apply, our motto is: not only look but touch.

In our park you can see and try our  collection of tanks, tracked, amphibious  vehicles, rocket launchers, other military tools and hand guns  from the 50’s 60’s 70’s used by the formal Hungarian People’s Army. The power of tactical warfare doesn’t lie in mockups instead of real operative machines in our park.  Here the visitors can be part of the  real life coming history.




We are just outside Budapest, 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Our park is at the Budaörs airport.

(+36) 303 777 773

Budapest, 1112, Repülőtéri út 2.