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P-40 1S12  

P-40 1S12

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Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Radars Weight: 35 t
Produced: 1963 Size: Length 10 m, Height 5 m
Number built: Engine: Diesel, 465 HP
Crew: 6 Speed: 55 km/h


The P40 was first high-mobility radar. Nato reporting name „Long track” and 2S1-SZOT

This mobile radar station mounted on the base vehicle 426 U has a maximum range of about 200 nautical miles. The crew consisted man of 6. This radar had the purpose of the target assignment for units of the air defense of the former NVA. A diesel engine with 12 cylinders was used with a performance of 342 kW (465 hp). The radar station reached a maximum speed of 55 km/h despite an equipment weight of 35 t. The electronic components of the receive path dates predominantly from the P 37 (90th Version). The power supply of the equipment was made by a built-in 400 Hz generator which was driven by a strepitous gas turbine.