Vehicle data sheet




Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Tracked engineering Weight: 36 t
Produced: 1975 Size: Length 6.45 m, Height 2.4 m
Number built: 35000 Engine: Diesel, 581 HP
Crew: 2 Speed: 48 km/h


In the late 40’s the Soviet troops required a heavy artillery tractor to tow their super heavy guns and the upcoming nuclear missiles. One of them was the legendary AT-T based on the very early chassis and lower hull of the T-44 and later T-54 tank with 500mm wide tracks and a 13 teeth sprocket wheel. On the basis of this very strong artillery tractor several other heavy engineer vehicles were also derived. One of them, the BAT-M (also known as a “Way Builder”), featured a huge blade that was pivoted back when marching or being transported and a 2-ton crane installed at the rear part of the vehicle. My model represents an NVA version used by the former Eastern German Army until its end in 1990, at which time they still had 158 BAT / BAT-M in service. This vehicle had a V12 Diesel Engine with a cylinder capacity of 38.800 cm3, was water cooled, with a 415 hp rating.

ID Vehicle name Category Condition Available for rent Available for sale Location
MT000178 BAT-M Tracked engineering intact, operational Available Available Budaörs
MT000179 BAT-M Tracked engineering intact, operational Available Available Budaörs